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New Fitness Classes at BCC

There will be no yoga held on Friday, October 20th.

We’re happy to introduce two new fitness classes we will be offering at BCC beginning October 2nd! See below for a complete list of fitness classes offered at the club. Fitness classes are held Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Yoga 10:30AM-Join us as we relax and unwind in a beginner yoga class, taught by JoLynn Slade. This is the perfect class to get you started in balance and flexibility.

Tone & Balance Exercise Class 12:15 PM- this class is focused on improving our body though stretching and balance movements gently toning the entire body has we build endurance, coordination, and core strength. Our body’s are incredible and can do amazing things this class is for anyone wanting to improve themselves from beginner to advanced just come and have a good time.

Pilates 5:00PM- this mind body class focuses on building our strength from our core out. Has our foundation (core) builds it gives the rest of our body (arms and legs) place that is stable. With a stable base we can improve our body has one. finding our personal flow has the individual for our self improvement helping our balance and posture.

Cost: $5.00 per class or $20 a month unlimited

Please call the front desk to sign up at 435-673-4687 or email

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  1. I’d be stoked if you spread your classes over 5-6 days instead of just 3! Include Tues-Thur options? Loved the water aerobics!

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