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Golf Course Construction

Although the daytime temperatures have increased, our nighttime temperatures have not reached the point where our Bermuda grass has begun to grow much yet.  We have seen some color change, which is the predecessor of the growth stage.  Recovery of Bermuda grass begins when nighttime temperatures remain above 55° for several days and soil temperature reaches 60° at the 4-inch depth. We understand that this has been a difficult season playing on dormant Bermuda that gets very compacted, but be encouraged that we have scheduled the overseed to take place this coming fall during the month of September.  When we open in October, we will have the golf course in the kind of condition that you will enjoy playing and be happy to show off to your friends.

We will be aerifying (punching) the greens with solid tines on the 20th and 21st of April. This is a necessary step in maintaining smooth, healthy putting surfaces throughout the year.  We will close 9 holes each day to complete the aerifying, so if you are playing on either of these two days, you will be playing the same nine twice.  Since we are not pulling plugs, the greens will be very playable following this procedure.

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  1. I got to say that it doesn’t make me feel so much better for you to inform me that, ” Don’t worry, the summer is horrible, but just wait until we close for the month of September and over seed! When we reopen you will be excited to bring your friends”! I’m just tired of paying $425 per month to hit off DIRT. Love Scott Kelly

  2. To whom ever, the big ugly tree laying on it’s side on the west side of no. 2 tee. It’s been laying there for 2-3 mo. it’s ugly to have to look at it every day! can you get someone out there to cut it up for fire wood or whatever get it out of there it looks terrible!!!!!!!! Please do something about this eye soar ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I fully agree with Scott’s comments. Also, you said ” Since we are not pulling plugs, the greens will be very playable following this procedure.” You didn’t say anything about sanding the greens which made them unplayable for putting, especially on most of the front nine where the sand had not been picked up.

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