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Clubhouse Dress Code

Just a friendly reminder about the dress code inside the restaurant and clubhouse. Thank you!


Country Club Casual
Denim permitted
Footwear required
Cover-Up Required over Swimwear


Gym & Workout Attire
Swim Suits or Swim Attire
T-Shirts with Graphics
Tank Tops, Halter Tops, Midriff Tops
Clothing must be in good repair (no holes, rips, tears or fraying).


Also, smoking is not permitted within 25 feet of any Entrance.

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  1. Good start, but I would require collars as well, and no blue denim. I remember in Vegas I asked a Maitre’D How they could allow people dressed like rubbish to eat in a restaurant where I was dressing up and paying $300 for a meal. he answered, quite sensibly, ” but if a guy drops 30 grand at the tables, how can the house not allow him to enjoy a nice meal, whatever way he looks?” Fortunately, we don’t rely on gamblers, so we can be a bit more selective.

  2. We delt with the denim issue at Ogden golf and country club. I was on the board at the time and we did a pretty exclusive search on other clubs around the country. It was a surprise how many clubs allowed denim. The most exclusive club in utah was glen wild in park city. It was fortunate to be able to play a few years in there pro am. It cost then 1 million to join. They had no dress code it was surprising at the finall dinner there were many people in tuxes and many in denim. It was a wonderful event. I know when I first joined OGCC you couldn’t wear a hat in the club house. We had a formal dinner after our invitational. When we changed those our memberships went up. It’s amazing to me how guys could wear a wrinkled pair of cheap slacks and it was okay. But someone with 150.00 genes on was wrong. Things changed the younger generation don’t want to be in a club that they can’t wear very nice shirts untucked or nice genes. We need to build our memberships. It’s time for change. You’ll find our generation will still not wear denim. You probably won’t even notice. I agree with the new dress code. Hopefully will start to get a younger membership. Thanks Jimmy.

  3. The policy works for me. In the clubhouse the key is clothes should be presentable regardless of material.

    On the course I’m for tradition, collared shirts for men, no denim (of any color) and shorts should be just above the knee, no short shorts.

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